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Eevi: helping you deliver better, more efficient evidence-based care.

Eevi delivers a new level of personalised and integrated care to our partners and providers. We understand that the best technologies aren’t solutions until combined with the people that make it work.

Utilising today’s leading tech brands, we have created an ecosystem that easily integrates with your systems to optimise health outcomes for those trusted to your care. With Eevi there to monitor events in a crisis, and check-in on residents, we reduce the load on carers without reducing the level of care provided on a daily basis.

We do all of this using desirable technologies that residents will understand and want to use. We know this because we spent hundreds of hours asking them and we have thousands of data points on their pain points and how they want them solved.

It’s what sets us apart from our competitors. We are delivering low impact tech solutions to issues identified by the very people who will use it.

Our commitment to providing the most relevant and effective solutions has meant our products have long been trusted by some of Australia’s largest retirement living and aged care operators and home care providers.

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Health and safety monitoring

Eevi Platform

  • An open cloud based care information system
  • Real time reporting of alarm events to village management
  • Activity and alert notifications for carers via app

Eevi Gateway

  • 4G SIM enabled with Ethernet back up
  • Answers incoming call hands free via powerful microphone
  • NBN and AS4607 standard compliant
  • IP67 waterproof pendant

Eevi Watch

  • Beautiful and elegant Samsung Gear watch
  • GPS enabled for locating residents in an emergency
  • SIM enabled, with 2-way voice functionality for call back in an emergency
  • Activity monitoring and tracking

Eevi Voice Assistant on Google Home

  • Voice activated check-in for discreet monitoring
  • Voice activated emergency help, just say “Help”
  • Additional peace of mind in a fall event

Eevi Friends & Family Smartphone App (Android and iPhone)

  • Receive real time notifications when an alert has been triggered
  • Colour coded events keep you informed
  • Carers can use in real time to respond and make notes

Eevi Call Monitoring (Optional)

  • Professional monitoring 24/7
  • On site call monitoring via Eevi Watch
  • Eevi Watch doubles as lone worker device for staff


Tech support services to help residents stay connected

Eevi MyTechHome service

  • move in with everything working
  • concierge experience with a dedicated tech helper, start to finish
  • eliminate sales hassles and bad experiences

Eevi Tech Bar service

  • a space where residents can come and learn
  • technology workshops
  • product displays of latest relevant tech options

Eevi Tech Angels

  • real experts, in home or in village
  • set up and troubleshoot with care and understanding
  • available as a village provided service or user pays


Enhancing quality of life through inclusion in retirement communities

  • Exposing village life to the wider community and prospective residents
  • Access to services and facilities in their retirement community
  • Local event information and booking

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